Overview: This project was for my interactive multimedia class where we were given the task to bring an old article to life by making it an interactive and response experience on web and mobile.

Roles: UX/UI Designer

Tools: Adobe XD

The Challenge: We were given plain, word-only, archived articles from The New Yorker, LA Times, Outside Magazine etc. and were able to choose which one we took interest in, and I chose Outside Magazine. As someone who is used to designing solutions for users rather than designing for journalism, it proved to be a challenge in the way I worked through this project.

Design Process: I started off with researching the target audience as well as competitors of Outside magazine. I sketched out the initial design on pen and paper and then I designed my wire-frames, created a style tile, gathered assets and created a full prototype on Adobe Xd.

It was important to ask myself questions as I iterated through the design process.

  • How can we design interactive features that complement the article?
  • What assets can we use to draw users into the article?

Results: By successfully completing this project, I was able to create user experiences from a marketing/journalism perspective and successfully master Adobe Xd. While we weren’t required to design for development or develop the sites ourselves (as we did in future assignments), I was very proud of the final designs that I was able to produce.